UXB Balkans Disposes of Hazardous Ammunition in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UXB Balkans has delivered demilitarization services under a small arms control project to mitigate the hazard and associated risks with the storage and movement of unsafe ammunition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project provided effective and safe disposal of 58 Areal Fuel Bombs (FAB-275) and Areal Fuel Rocket-modified Bombs (RFAB-275 M-91).  In the western world, this type of bomb is known as a Fuel Air Explosive (FAE), a thermobaric weapon producing a blast wave of a significantly longer duration that increases the numbers of casualties and causes more damage to structures.

“UXB proved to be a highly qualified company with top-notch experts in ammunition disposal and destruction,” said Jasmin Porobic, United Nations Development Program’s Small Arms Control Project Manager. “Although the demilitarization of FAB 275 and RFAB 275 has been considered to be one of the most complex disposal processes, UXB implemented the activity with ease while respecting local and international demilitarization regulations. The company has set a new standard for munitions destruction not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the Balkans region."
The United Nations Development Program, with support to the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, initiated the disposal of highly hazardous ammunition; which includes cluster munitions, air bombs, and other complex munitions systems. The overall goal of this program is to improve public safety and risks posed by old and potentially unstable ammunition.
About UXB:
UXB International, Inc. (www.uxb.com), is a global environmental technology and response solutions company with core business in military munitions, explosives, and reactive chemical support services. UXB  provides critical support through innovative technology development, munitions response, advanced systems engineering, design, fabrication, and construction. The company has earned a stellar reputation for safety and quality while successfully completing over 23 countries.

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